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YOUR video, storys and pics of ingame action at our server

Flying at Operation Cobra

PFC created this awesome map with one of the best landscape design ever! Enjoy video while flying with PFC-Grabbi over the map! It is like a 100 times better
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Weekend Gameplay Sector 318 + Stalin Line at PFC

20.09 and 22.09.2019 gameplay video from a typical gameplay weekend at pfc. You may have been filmed at sector 318! Check Out and enjoy videos!
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OSTFRONTEMBERFEST Gameplay by Jamovitz

Jamovitz Caulton playing on our server the event „Ostfrontemberfest“: Big Thanks to Jamovitz sharing his gameplay impression with us!
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Gameplay Kasserine Pass

Me playing Kasserine Pass on legendary Friday battle at PFC Server. Gameplay Video by Jamovitz Caulton: Join our Discord Server for map requests! CLICK
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Share YOUR ingame pics and videos

Every week on Monday we will upload YOUR newest ingame pics and post video links. Keep in mind: Pic size should be smaller than 200 kb Pic should show
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Poland 1939 Event „First-to-fight“ 01.09.2019

The Event was a great sucess. We had 25 Players at the same time playing at your server the event Poland 1939 „First-to-fight“ or also called „End-of-days“. I recorded
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