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play with us at our event days to feel the historical charackter of this game and our strong community

Tournament-Test-Days: Africa Fest! 03.11.2019

Start: 19:30 berlin time (7:30 pm). Scroll down to get time in berlin right now! We will move on with our second tournament day in 2019. The tournament 2019
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Ostfrontoberfest 05.10.2019 EVENT

We will move on with our eastfront advance where we finished in september with Ostfrontemberfest. Now we are heading to Kiev! And we have several different Kiev maps to
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KURSK A DAY OF ZITADELLE ROAD TO RUSSIA click map name for download! starting 6 pm berlin time. What time is it now in berlin? Time in Berlin:
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First-to-fight-Event 2019

01.09.2019 we played: Szcak Grodno Poland 1939 Warsaw Westerplatte Fall Weiß Eastern Blitz Watch the gameplay videos of this great event: CLICK HERE Posted by Kampfsau on Tuesday, August
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