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Forgotten Hope 0.7 Portable

Welcome ladies and gentleman to my simple blog. I am admin on a battlefield 1942 war game server. We play together online every evening the Mod “Forgotten Hope”. What
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Before having fun on our server there are some steps to do to get the game running. But do not worry about it. Its easier than you might believe.
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Step One

Step One: After downloading, extract the whole game with programms like WINRAR to any drive of your PC or USB-Stick or portable hard disk. right click on battlefield1942.exe inside
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Step Two

Step two: After starting game you have to change some settings inside the game menu Video Settings Go to OPTIONS and VIDEO. Change all graphic settings to high. Make
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Step Three

Step three: In order to join our server go to MULTIPLAY and INTERNET and ADD SERVER. Put the IP Adress inside the boxes. How to do it, you
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Adding Maps

If you try to join a server and this showed up: “No map found”. Go to startpage you will find out which map is played right now. You
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Singleplay Mode

Playing in SINGLEPLAY Mode You can play with bots on some maps. Go to CUSTOM GAME and click Forgotten Hope Mod. Then go to ACTIVATE. Here you can chose
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Soldiers Gameplay Manual

You find a FH soldiers gameplay manual in detail inside your main game folder: If you play FH with different game folder or you are lazy 😉 click HERE
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