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Attack on Pearl Harbor 78th anniversary, On Sat 7th december 2019 19:41 gmt+1!

>>>Oahu<<<  Download PFC custom map

On December 7, 1941, Japanese forces surprised the US on Oahu. Pearl Harbor, one of the main US bases of the US Navy, was hit hard. World War II has now begun for the United States. By 1942, the Americans suffered many losses in the Pacific War. But on August 7, 1942 there was a big turning point in the Pacific War. For the first time, US forces go on the offensive at the Battle of Guadalcanal. Come on our server and experience history during the Attack on Pearl Harbor exactly 78 years later and the revenge of the USA with the last liberations in the Pacific War. As part of the ally, destroy the Japanese Empire or be part of the Japanese defense. Banzaii !!!

And the response of the USA: Revenge in the Pacific!

Guadalcanal   (07.08.1942)

Invasion of the Philippines   (20.10.1944)

Iwo Jima   (19.2.1945)

All 4 maps will be part of the Tournament Ranking 2019! Go HERE to the Tournament Site!

Winner Price:

Winner of the map will receive following medal: BRONZE STAR + 10000 FH points
AND: Winner + second will be announced in Twitch Gameplay Video and tournament section of new website (startpage)
Register to Forum and reply HERE to receive your FH points + medals.

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