Tournament-Test-Days: Africa Fest! 03.11.2019

Start: 19:30 berlin time (7:30 pm). Scroll down to get time in berlin right now!

We will move on with our second tournament day in 2019. The tournament 2019 is a big test for our Tournament in 2020. But for you its already more! The winner gets the african ribbon! To receive medals and FH-award-points register to FORUM. Write under reliks post so that we can see you are there.

The tournament points are independently from forum. To be ranked at Tournament Ranking you dont need to be registered to forum. But of course, we need a possibility to give medals and we have to proof identiy to give award funds in future (If you want them).

The results are displayed inside the Tournament Ranking. How its working you can read up at Tournament Rules Site. The 1st and 2nd of each map will be honored at new tournament section on startpage of this website.



Sand Dunes (not ranked, only for Training)

El Alamein



Custom maps and Fanmaps are linked for download. If you have any problems with the map EL ALAMEIN (especially FH portable user) you have to do following:

1. Go to: drive:\Battlefield 1942\Mods\bf1942\Archives\bf1942\levels

2. Scroll down to the El Alamein files. You will see 4 files! Delete only El_Alamein_004.rfa (‎12.12.2015)

3. be happy because map is working again!

Any further problems? Visit our discord server for live chat support here:


cya on the battlefield!


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