Pixel Fighter Community

The Pixel Fighter Community (PFC) is an old gamer community founded in 2007. It is currently the only provider of FH server in the battlefield 1942 Server world. PFC offers not only a gameserver. There is a ranking system, a ban system to avoid cheating and hacking, a huge forum and download area.

PFC offers events on historical accurate dates like the D-Day event on 6th of June. Permanenty new maps where released over the last years. And if you visit the main page www.pixel-fighter.com you feel like visiting a 40’s shop. The design is historical oriented to the world war II. epoch.

Beside the gameserver we have also a teamspeak server. You can join one of the clans but teamplay is also without clan possible. If you get further and further on the game ranking you earn medals and an army rank.

The varity of our own maps beside the fh standard maps is huge. PFC expanded Forgotten hope by a lot more vehicles, special features and new maps at the historical war theater.

We would be very happy to see you on battlefield, playing with us on our server! The server is administradet mostly in the evening europe time but our target is clear. We want 100 Player back on the server around the clock! We want you to join us to make Forgotten Hope great again!

It is in my oppinion the best war mod ever!

If you like our work you can support us HERE to keep the server running.

See you on battlefield!


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