Forgotten Hope 0.7 Portable


Welcome ladies and gentleman to my simple blog. I am admin on a battlefield 1942 war game server. We play together online every evening the Mod “Forgotten Hope”. What is a Mod? KLICK. Forgotten Hope (FH) Mod is to be known as one of the best mods of the old 2002 published game “Battlefield 1942”. It was build in 2004 and since then a lot of people are developing it further and further.

Forgotten Hope 0.7 Portable is a standalone version so you need only to download that, no original battlefield 1942 is necessary. Go to Installation Manual to download the version you want. There is a big 12 gb version with all new maps (showing at startpage) and a smaller 5 GB with the old standard FH maps.

FH portable contains:

1) FHSW Soundpack for FH 0.7
2) Historical Textures Pack for 0.7 by Mr Cheese v2
3) MAPPACKS: FH FANMAPPACK v1,3,4,5,6, and PFC No1, No2, No3, No4,No5
4) Forgotten Hope VERSION 0.70
5) Battlefield 1942® patched to ver.1.61b by EA DICE
6) HD MENU ( 1920×1200 for example)
7) Masterserver shutdown FIX (searching all online servers)
8) High Resolution FIX (selecting in menu)

What makes FH so special comparing to battlefield 1942 vanilla game?

The mod includes over 250 new pieces of authentic equipment (more than any other Second World War FPS)

New gameplay elements include a pilot class, which is now the only class equipped with a parachute, these can be found as pickup kits near most aircraft.

There are also kits that contain deployable heavy machine guns, which can be setup anywhere on the map to create defensive strongpoints.

The infantry class system has also been altered for more realistic and tactical gameplay, most maps will now allow you to choose from close quarters

Sniper kits can now only be found spread around the maps, usually in special sniper hides.

All these features are implemented in a historically accurate way, so you won’t find the King Tiger on a map set in 1940.

FH contains a lot more maps comparing to battlefield 1942! with PFC maps there are 269 maps!!! usable

The game also includes a new army, the Polish forces, and the French and Italian armies are also currently being implemented.

you can expect a host of a lot more features, such as artillery batteries and flame based weapons, but we will not reveal all details! That would be too much to tell here because the mod is really big!

Discover with us Forgotten Hope, its not only a great war game. Its a historical museum and arsenal of world war II. equipment!


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