Before having fun on our server there are some steps to do to get the game running. But do not worry about it. Its easier than you might believe. We did the manual as simple as possible! Just follow the step 1 till 3.

Before you go to the first step you have to make a desicion what version to download. Here a small overview:

FORGOTTEN HOPE 5 GB standard version
(Windows 8,10)
Choose this to get the full game with all FH
standard maps. Which maps are inside? Klick HERE
FORGOTTEN HOPE 2019 12 GB + PFC maps
(Windows 7,8,10)
Choose this to get the full game with all maps
ever created for FH. You are now max. equipped!

If you choose the smaller variant you can still play with us. But than you have to download maybe a missing map if „map not found“ occurs on your screen while a pfc map got set. Missing maps you will find HERE

There is an extra article about how to add single map files to your game folder. Just search for it here in this category (Installation Manual)

In the fact that we are the only real server left running FH and because we have a lot own maps we want to play we recommend to download all maps at once. Not only the FH maps. Our own maps make FH even more greater!


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