Soldiers Gameplay Manual

You find a FH soldiers gameplay manual in detail inside your main game folder:

If you play FH with different game folder or you are lazy 😉 click HERE to download Gameplay Manual.

There is also a readme file inside with following content:

Special Actions in FH vehicles

Catapult use:

Increase engine to full power. After 1 or 2 seconds press right mouse button. After takeoff, RMB is used to call artillery.

To be found in: SwordfishPatrol, Ar196, A6m2-n


Use „land/sea turn up/down“ to change between AP (default) and AA ammo (look at the ammo changer in the 1p view…for example 88 gun top left side)

To be found in: Flak18/36, SdKfz7Flak18Plane door:

Plane Door:

Pilot can use „Fire“ to close the backdoor, also lights the jumplight in the back

To be found in: Ju52, C47

Ammobox dispenser:

Pilot can drop ammoboxes from the rear of his plane using „AltFire“

To be found in: Ju52, C47

Ships AA guns:

Some AA positions have more guns on „AltFire“

To be found in: Tirpitz, Prinz Eugen

7th Passenger:

Some planes feature a 7th passenger position, which can not be accessed by using the number keys, you have to enter it directly by standing next to it and using „enter“. It is always the last Passengerseat in the row.

To be found in: Ju52, C47

Artillery pieces:

These can be turned around completely (but very slow) using the „land/sea turn left/right“ keys.

To be found in: Howitzer105mm, Nebelwerfer, TripodMGs

Towing trucks:

Use „hatch up/down“ to deploy towed guns while being driver

To be found in: SdKfz7Flak18

Ohka: Launch with „Fire“, hold down „AltFire“ for acceleration

Komet: Hold down „AltFire“ for acceleration

Swordfish-T: First „AltFire“ shot drops torp and 1 rocket. Next shots only shoot the remaining rockets

Yamato: Position 7 can be accessed near the planelaunchers. It controlls the direction and elevation of the launching ramps

Gnevny destroyers: Position 7 can be accessed near the 2nd torpedolauncher.

Submarines: „AltFire“ controlls the back torpedo tubes.



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